Malayalam as Administrative Language -Helpful tools in your journey


  1. Bharana Malayalam Website


This website provides English – Malayalam Dictionary,Typing Tools and Department words etc.

2.How to enable Malayalam in your computer

3.Key Magic

Malayalam Key Boards

Instructions for using key magic

Unicode MalayalamManual

Click Here to Download Key Magic


4. Google Input tool

Malayalam Computing Initiatives of ICFOSS

  • Fonts – Rachana Bold and Uroob: SMC Released Public beta version of these fonts. It is available to download from Information available at and
  • Indic Keyboard: Indic Keyboard, developed by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing is a versatile keyboard for Android users who wish to use Indic and Indian languages to type messages, compose emails and generally prefer to use them in addition to English on their phone. You can use this application to type anywhere in your phone that you would normally type in English. It currently supports 23 languages and 54 layouts. ICFOSS supported development of 2 major releases version 1.0 and version 2.0. Release Blog post The version which attracted one lakh plus downloads is available at Also available at F-Droid-Source code:
  • Varnam Ibus Engine: Varnamproject of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing is based on phonetic transliteration, and defines a particular scheme for each language. libvarnam is the core library that all Varnam projects use. It is a shared library that implements a transliterator, a reverse transliterator and a learning subsystem. ICFOSS supported the development of IBus engine uses libvarnam and provide off line input for Linux. Code available at
  • Articles on Malayalam Opentype Modification: The complexity of Malayalam font rendering and ways forward including open type specifications are documented by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing at
  • Libreoffice Localization: Malayalam localization of Libre Office is not complete and had lots of errors . Translations are now completed by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing compatible to FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for Localization) desktop standards.
  • GNU Khata Localization: GNU Khata is a free and open source accounting package ( The Malayalam localized version of the web application is made available and awaiting update in the central repository for public use.
  • Fixing Indian Language Rendering in Harfbuzz Engine: Fixing of harfbuzz rendering for Indian languages helped many projects in free and open source ecosystem, which adopted harfbuzz rendering engine support. These includes, Android, Mozilla firefox, Libreoffice, XeTeX, Google’s Chromium Browser etc. Swathanthra Malaylam Computing worked with Harfbuzz upstream to fix Indian Language rendering. News file is available at
  • FUEL Mobile for Malayalam: Frequently Used Entries in Localization (FUEL a best practice for E Governance ) for Malayalam in Mobile devices was developed by ICFOSS and Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and and subjected to Expert review. All translations done are committed in FUEL upstream and a copy is maintained at
  • Curating Mobile friendly Indian Language free fonts: Curated a list of best free fonts for each language and packed it for mobile vendors to integrate with android firmware. Fonts were selected as per following criteria : The maintained font list is available at
  • Libre Office Malayalam Templates: Libre Office Templates as per Bharana Bhasha requirements for routine office management activities were developed for Legislative Complex.
  • Malayalam OCR (Work in Progress): Working on improving OCR in Tesseract Engine. Language data improvements are being attempted. Community efforts are being explored and copy is maintained at


5.Mobile phone-malayalam-google.

6.Malayalam Dictionary -Olam


7.Online Typing in Malayalam using  English Alphabets-


7. Malayalam English Online Dictionary

8. Microsoft  Malayalam For Desk top

9.Google Malayalam for desktop and Laptop

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