Simple Software to Calculate Income Tax for the Financial Year 2016-17


Dear Friends, As per the common saying only two things are certain in life -death and taxes. It is time to calculate and plan taxes.Together with the bill of February all income tax payments are to be deducted from salary.

Click on the link given below to Download Finance Department Circular on Deduction of Income Tax at Source

Circular No 01-2017-Fin Dated 10-01-2017 (2)

Online Income Tax Calculator of Income Tax Department,Government of India

Income Tax Planning Guide-2016-17  Curtesy: Pesonal FN

Income Tax Financial Statement Forms (If you still want to continue with the conventional old   forms and make your own calculation)

Common Income Tax Software used in Kerala

  1. Easy Tax 2016-17  by Alrahiman 

    Simple Software prepared in Microsoft Access to calculate income tax with explanations in Malayalam.

  2. Tax Consultant

    Income Tax calculation , preparation of Income Tax Anticipatory Statement, Final Statement, Form 16 and Form 10 etc can be done using this excel based software.

    3. Income Tax Calculator By Sudheer Kumar T.K

    Easy Tax 2016-17 by Sudheer Kumar T.K(Last updated on 07.02.2017)

    Tax Relief Calculator for preparing 10E form by Sudheer Kumar T.K

    4. Income Tax Calculator By Safeeq

    Tax Consultant 2016-17 by Safeeq: Software | Help File

    5. Excel Income Tax Calculator
    A small utility in Microsoft Excel for preparation of income tax statements for the year 2016-2017 including preparation of Form 10E , Table A, Form-16, SAHAJ. developed by  Mr. Murali Mohan .Call Mobile# 9447186143 for clarifications/ details.

    6. EC Tax – By Babu Vadukkumcherry

    Income Tax Calculator – 2017 Cum FORM 10E Generator – Malayalam Menu Based.

    NB: Users are requested to verify the tax rates and associated calculations.We are not responsible for any error in using the above software prepared by different people.



    Please feel free to write your comments about the above software for income tax calculation.We value your comments and suggestions.


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