Popular Income Tax Calculation Software Programmes for 2017-18

IT is time to calculate Income Tax for the financial Year 2017-18 (Assessment Year 2018-19) and pay/deduct  all tax from the Pay and allowances due before 31-03-2018.The following software programmes are useful.You can choose any one of the following software Programmes. Kindly put your suggestions on the usefulness of the software for the use of others.

1. Tax Consultant 2017-2018

Click Here to Download the Software

Released Tax Consultant unlimited version 2.08 (Updated on 05/02/2018) (FY 2016-17 to 2025-26) for the Income Tax calculation and preparation of Income Tax Antecipatory Statement, Final Statement, Monthly TDS Statement, Form 12BB, Form 16 and Form 10E. This software can be used for ten Financial Years from 2016-17 onwards. It is completely different from the previous years. You can change every thing.. The main features are,

  • User can Customize the Tax Rate, Tax Percentage (New Feature),10E Tax Rate, DA Rate, Header Title etc using General settings icon.

  • Retains previous years tax rate and 10E tax rate (New Feature).

  • Option to enter periodical rent details (New Feature)

  • Option to edit Header Title, DA% and Tax Rates

  • Set Default option to restore the default settings in one click

  • Introduced Software Assistant to familiarise the software for first use

  • Data import button to import data from previous versions

  • Can add up to 100 employees

  • Add, Edit and Delete function

  • Popup window to easily each section under Tax Relief.

  • Highly validated and more user friendly

  • Attractive Design

    Activate Macro by clicking OPTIONS and select Enable Content Radio Button before opening the software.

    2.EASY TAX -2017-18 By Alrahiman

    Detailed Explanations in Malayalam is available.

    Click Here to Download the Software

    3.EC TAX-Income Tax Calculator – 2018

    Click Here to Download the Software

    4. Income Tax Calculation Sheet by James Kutty Thomas

    Click here to Download the Software

    5. Income Tax Calculator 2017-18 by Ranjithkumar

        Click here to Download the Software

    6. GHS Muttom

        Click here to download the software

        7. HSS LIVE Income Tax Software

         Click Here to Download the Software


Please write down your comments about the software programmes  you are using and its  user friendliness so that others can make suitable decision.


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