Working Instructions of IT Schemes 2016-17

1. Annual Plan 2016-17 – Strengthening  of  Agricultural Extension -Social Media integration with Karshika Vivara Sanketham Project for the effective utilization of Information Communication Technology for Agricultural Extension Management in Kerala- Working Instructions

Head of Account : 2401-00-109-80 Plan


Integration Architecture


Sl No Item Amount  (Rs.)
I Incentives to best Social Media  in Agriculture in Kerala including Mobile Apps  50,000/-
II Incentives for offices of Agriculture Department for using Social Media for Agricultural  Extension  50,000/-
III Operational Expenses 44,70,000/-
IV Training for Department Staff  4,30,000/-
Grand Total 50,00,000/-

Click On the Link Given Below  to Download Working Instructions and BSNL Mobile Data Plan Thariff


2.Annual Plan 2016-17- Scheme on Agro Service Centres and Service Delivery -Computers to Agro Service Centres, Krishi Bhavans and Other Offices -Providing Connectivity to Krishi Bhavans and other offices of the Department of Agriculture – Working Instructions

Head of Account : 2401-00-113-83 (Plan)

 Present rates for Department of Agriculture Development & Farmers’ Welfare  approved by BSNL for 2016-17

  1. I) BBG ULD COMBO-945
  2. Renewal of Existing Connections : Rs 10899/-
  3. New connection with new land phone                     : Rs 12686/-
  • New connection in existing land phone : Rs 10899/-


  1. II) Wimax Connection

Renewal of Wimax Connection under BUWI-850  : Rs 11255/-

( 9 GB of Internet usage is free per month and any excess usage has to be paid by the officer in charge of the facility)

  • WLL Connections

WLL Connection with High Speed Internet

Renewal  Charges for WLL Connections                  : Rs.9670/-

(Free Calls of 400 MCU (Metered Call Unit ) is free per month and any excess usage is to be paid by the officer in charge of the facility)

Click on the links given below to download Circular , Annexure- III BSNL Plans, Annexure-1 Connectivity Database Formats, Annexure-II Fund Requirement Format


Annexure IIIbsnlplan



3. Annual Plan 2016-17 – Scheme for  Strengthening  of Agricultural Extension–Cyber Extension  – Working instructions

Head of Account : 2401-00-109-80 Plan


  1. Upgradation , repair and procurement of accessories and consumables for existing computers based on actual needs.
  2. Repair works at Head Quarters and repair and maintenance of Network infrastructure
  3. Hosting, Maintenance of Department website and applications development.
  4. Networking of computer systems of Agriculture Department Offices based on actual needs.
  5. Purchase of booklets, CD’s, DVDs etc related to IT.

Click on the link given below to download circular


4. Farmer Registration and e-payment

Head of Account : 2401-00-113-83- Plan

  • Enrolling new farmers in Farmer Database
  • Providing Digital Signature to officers in charge of e-Payment,e-Procurement and other statutory functions which require digital signature.
  • Online Farmer Database – Cost of Aadhar Seeding and updation of online data available in Farmer Databas
  • Training on Farmer Data Base and e-Payment
  • SMS Support to e-payment and  other Software  
  • Manpower cost to NIC for customising Farmer Registration Software
  • Manpower cost to NIC for customising EBT software for e-payment
  • Contingencies and unforeseen expenses.                                                                                                                                                                            Click on the link given below  to download working instruction



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