How to Update Service History in Spark

Click Here to Read General Transfer 2019 Circulars and Instructions

  1. Go to Spark and Login using User ID Password and Entering Captcha

2. Click Service Matters Menu

3. Click on Personal Details

4. Give Pen  No and Select Employee

5. Click Service History Tab

6. Enter Service Details one by one and confirm.Please check for any break in service and add all leave records other than Casual Leave.Please verify once again to avoid any service break.

7. Update Contact Details-Provide your Mobile No and  e-mail (Mandatory -with  out which you can not apply for online General Transfer

8. Click Administration Menu

9. Tick Mark Check Boxes As per Instructions from Department

10. After Selecting Rows Click Lock Data Tab

11.  You will get Popup window about success of Locking Data

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