Procurement and Sales Management System (PSMS) for Inventory Management for Markets

The Procurement and Sales Management System(PSMS) developed for Inventory Management in Onam Vegetable Market

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Procurement and Sales Management System (PSMS)


The Procurement and Sales Management System (PSMS) is developed for managing procurement and Sales in Onam Vegetable markets run by the Department and generate Report. Wherever there is facility to use the application for real time billing, you may use this to get a real time status. But the primary aim is to generate reports based on data obtained through sales bills. The use of the application is not mandatory and should be done at the sole discretion of the user. You may use any other application at your disposal for the same purpose.

Features of PSMS

  1. Simple Excel based application less than 800KB in size

  2. Offline utility and portable.

  3. Designed for sales for five days

  4. Generates Report for each day and also gives a consolidated report.

  5. Can be used for real time sales if facilities are available. In such cases it gives bill amount and total sales amount at each instance. It can track total sales quantity and balance stock status with colour indications.

General Instructions

Do not add/delete any row, column or cells.  If need editing, give the new value or zero
Do not try to change/modify cell contents in locked areas in any sheets ( In such cases the system may show errors or misbehave.) . You can copy the application and use for separate billing like organic, GAP certified products etc.Ensure MS Excel version 2007 or above.Download application and save in a folder. Make a few more copies and save them in different locations for other purposes and future use. How to use the application.  Open the application  from the saved location . Enable Macros for proper functioning.                       You will be directed to the HOME page . Use buttons for navigation . All quantities are in kg. Least measurement is 0.01 kg. All amounts in Rs.. For sales you can give actual bill number used in the market. The field is not protected.  Maximum number of bills per day/sheet is 600


1 .REGISTER YOUR MARKET with details  & Save
2 . UPDATE SALE PRICE for the day as fixed and communicated by authorities (the sheet is normally protected). Go to the last part of the sheet and find the Edit button. Click Edit and give the password for editing Sale Price (the password is aomarket) and click OK. Now edit the sale price in the respective column for the Day (ie, first column for day1) You can also add additional items and short code as required only in “sale price” sheet from item 48 – to 60. This value is automatically populated in other sheets. Click SAVE button (   The Sheet is protected now. To change anything you need to edit the sheet with password. Don’t forget to save each time as it ensures protection)
Go to HOME
Now move to DAY-1 Box (For specific day, use controls and sheets specified in the Particular Day Box only)

Give quantity and rate of purchase    (PQ1- Purchase Quantity for 1st Purchase) (R1- Rate for the item for 1st Purchase) . For another purchase for the same day use the next columns (PQ2, R2 and so on). Max four purchases or Purchase from 4 different sources can be entered. SAVE. Go to HOME                                                                                                                                                         4 . Day-1  Billing
Go to SALES in day-1
Enter bill number. You can enter the actual bill Number. Enter sales quantity in kg                       Get the total bill amount for each bill at the right end
Get the cumulative bill amount on right top side                                                                                       SAVE
Go to HOME
5 . Day -1 Report
See report with purchase and sales for the day
Total quantity & amount spent for purchase
Total quantity sold & amount received through sale
See that the reports tally with your entries
Press “esc” key to come back
Can PRINT with print dialogue
Go to HOME
6 . save and quit application for the day
7 . DAY – 2
Repeat steps 2 to 6 for Day-2
8. DAY 3 to 5
Repeat steps 2 to 6 for Day-3
Repeat steps 2 to 6 for Day-4
Repeat steps 2 to 6 for Day-5
9. Go to consolidated report in HOME Page
Can PREVIEW. Press “esc” key to come back
Can PRINT with print dialogue
Use EXPORT to copy the sheet to a new workbook for editing only if needed
SAVE the new workbook when asked and save to a new location on closing.Go to HOME

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For Assistance Contact IT DIVISION: 0471-2303990, 2309122.

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Curtesy :  Nizam. S .A

Agricultural Officer, IT Division


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