Geo- tagging of RKVY Assets using ISRO’s Bhuvan RKVY APP

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Government of India  decided to geo-tag all assets like farm ponds, soil testing labs etc  created under the (RKVY) for transparency and proper fund utilization.

The National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), a wing of Indian Space Research Organisation, and division of the Agriculture Ministry are collaborating to develop an android App for geo-tagging assets .NRSC has  provided the required app and imparting  training to officials to facilitate uploading of photos of assets to the Bhuvan-platform.”At present, there is manual details of assets and there is no transparency on their utilisation. With geo-tagging, the centre will have details of the assets and we can use them properly depending on demand and supply,” Agriculture Minister said .
The agriculture minister further said that the space technology needs to be developed in areas such as land resource mapping, pesticides management, soil health mapping, crop yield estimation as well as the identification and assessment of floods like calamities, inland fisheries, animal species identification and sheep rearing.

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