Forwarding by Head of Office -Processing Online General Transfer at DDO Office

അതാത് ഡി.ഡി.ഒ മാർ ജില്ലാ അധികാരിയായ PAO ക്ക് സമർപ്പിക്കേണ്ടത്

05/06/2018 മുതൽ 06 /06/2018 വരെ

  1. Login to Spark as DDO and Go to Service Matters

2.Go to Online Transfer Processing

3.Click on applications not forwarded from office to See the applications and to generate or print report

4. Just View the List and generate or print list for office file

5. Select Employee

6. Forwarding by Head of Office

7.Forward to District Level Office

Click here to Know How to Update Service History in Spark

Click Here  to go to Home  Page of Online Agricultural General Transfer

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