e-payment-Old Working Instructions and Circulars helpful for Audit

As per Letter No-35691/Ag1/11/AD Dated 16-08-2012 of Agriculture (Agri) Department
1. Opening of a Current Account at PAO level and ADA level solely for the cash transactions of Departmental schemes.
2. Treating the payee’s receipt on Computer Generated Statements as par with individual payee receipts.
3. The statement with supporting vouchers/ declaration of farmers and verification report of the competent authorities can be considered for audit.


e-payment voucher

To see all working instructions related to audit Click Here

If you have any documents related to e-payment please share with me  so that i can publish it here.Many of the officers are searching for old document copies to clear audit objections.Since these original files are already closed from Planning Section it is not possible to trace original copies.

If you have original copies of  any of the documents or any other documents please send a copy to e-mail: salinthapasi@yahoo.com

e-payment of Agricultural Subsidies -Refund of Balance Amount for Unknown Beneficiaries.Click here for orders

e-payment Handbook


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