I am a proud member of TiE from its inception in Kerala .The annual event Tiecon Kerala is the most cherished event i wish to participate every year.This is wonderful organisation hand holding entrepreneurs in Kerala. Visit the website

Lions Club International

  Lions Club International is one my affectionate passions.The Joy of Serving is the hallmark of Lions Club International.One of our clubs used to give a scholarship  every year to a mentally challenged boy studying in a special school.After accepting the  scholarship the smile on the boy's face holding his father's hands refuses to fade from memory.The same memory is rekindled every time i attend a service project. Please visit my  club's home page. Click here to visit Lions Club of Trivandrum Nova

The Holy Catholic Church

In spite of all the human failings the Holy Catholic  Church remains my first Network.It is my   a great fortune to live in the times of saints like Pope Francis, Pope.John Paul II and Mother Teresa.While studying in Chennai I  was running to reach the venue of Mother Teresa's speech near Santhome Church in time..On the way I met a Swami from Ramakrishna Mat walking to the same venue in his Saffron clothes.I  asked him why you are attending this meeting ? He told me  "You will not get another opportunity to meet a living Saint ".Divine Blessings transcend the borders of religions...