New Year Resolutions for a Fabulous 2018

By Salin Thapasi

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year full of joy, good health, abundant wealth and happiness. May all your dreams and aspirations come true in 2018.As the year 2017  is coming to an end and a sun rays of a new year -2018 dawn coming out in the horizon , it is time to look back on the year that was and look ahead to the new year with new dreams , goals and aspirations. In the journey of life past year is disappearing as another shore in the ocean and we are reaching  a new shore with new hopes expecting fulfillment of all our dreams in this new year. Every year we use to make a lot of resolutions to accomplish goals  and many of them will come true and we will add balance to the next year’s resolution list. New Year‘s resolution is a tradition of western origin and now spread across the globe due to spread of modern communication technologies. We resolve to do acts of self improvement and nice things from new years day. Let us try to live the next year as a whole new person –a smarter , wiser, happier healthier and wealthier person. Here are a few resolutions which will help you to prepare your own list of new year resolutions for 2018.

1. The Joy of Spirituality and Enlightenment.

The last day of every year  I used to spend in Church thinking about the year that was and expressing gratitude for the good experiences and people that came across my life path and learning lessons from failures and mistakes. After that we welcome the new year with prayers for a better and brighter new year in spite of better celebrations and enjoyment opportunities in other places.So the first resolution for me is to spend more time in learning more spiritual things, prayers and meeting my true  self as a part of global consciousness. Even those who do not believe in God can also feel the part of Nature and other source of strength. Our human self dissolving in the source is the most satisfactory pursuit of human life. Finding , realizing God  and pursuit of Heaven are the prime goals of human existence from the beginning of humanity.

  • Start with a prayer because prayers work wonders and give us strength and make us feel grateful and humble.

  • Reading verses from holy books.

  • Say an affirmation.

  • Meditation.

  • Songs and divine music.

  • Mantras and Chants.

  • Be truthful to yourself and honest at all times.

2. The Joy of Family , Friends and Relationship

Family is the first unit of Human interaction and the crucible in which  sharing ,caring and mutual help are experimented. In times  of trials and tribulations this will help us to reduce grief and in happy times  we can laugh together and multiply our joys .Friends are our support network after family and the more number of good friends we have the more joyful we can be. It is always our duty to become a good friend to others than seeking friendship of others.This strong bonds of family and friends is the force of buoyancy which will help us to float in good and bad times. While staying in ICU of a prominent hospital I heard the murmur of doctors saying to relatives of other patient in next ICU about his death. Staying there at that moment amidst different medical equipments  measuring my vital statistics and helping me to stay alive the first thought came to my mind was about my Mom and Dad and my Childhood. The paths  in which I have walked ,houses where I lived , sweet memories of my sister and brother ,face of my wife and faces of my son and daughter flashed in my mind. Then I thought  who will be mostly affected if some thing happens to me ? Faces of my mother ,father and my children flashed in my mind. So many times in our rush to accomplish more we forget about our parents ,siblings, spouse and children. Every day explore for more opportunities of spending more time with them and provide nice and memorable experiences. While going into hospital and coming out of different wards of hospital I have felt the magical hands of care , help ,consideration and support of my friends and with out their helping hands life will not be the same again. So please find time to nourish the hands of friendship by becoming a good friend and being there in their times of trials.Think about your friends from your kindergarten and spend some time to reconnect with them. Many times it is my good fortune to be part of friends network   for finding  old classmates spread across the globe and arranging get together with their family. So we can resolve to prepare a list of our long lost friends and find them and reconnect with them. Always be prepared to travel an extra mile to care for family and friends which will make life meaningful and provide satisfaction of a life well lived. As somebody said Friendship is a Treasure , keep it with Pleasure.

  • Pep up your parents-Do something nice for your parents that will light up their face with a smile and bring you guaranteed bliss.

  • Spend more time with family and Friends.

  • Praying together with family members.

  • Preserve Family Legacies , History and conserve old Photos/documents- modernize /digitize /recolour them using photoshop and modern tools.

  • Start Groups and Social Media channels for connecting with friends and families.

  • Eat meals together.

  • Never forget about Family Vacation.

  • Create special time with those closest to you.

  • Funtime with family add treasure of memories you cherish all your life.

  • Remember important dates and make your loved ones feel special ,wanted and cared for-birth day,marriage anniversary(Use your google calendar or mobile app for remembering this)

  • Fitness activities together.

  • Reconnect with Family and Friends and prepare a plan.

  • Calling up family and friends.

  • Writing to friends and sending birthday cards –(Even though these may seem a little bit old fashioned the magic power of handwriting and written word will always be there in memory)

  • Planning a trip and making use of all your vacation time.

  • Meet a new person every day and make new friends –remember their name and try to help them in any way you can.

  • Small gestures for happy memories.

  • Life is beautiful-Spice up life –Plan a candle light dinner,bring fresh perfume for you home,new music CD etc

    3. The Joy of Health and Physical Well being

    Health is the most important wealth any body can have.In the modern times it seems to be very  difficult to be in good health . So resolve to have  good wholesome food and be fit .Get up each day with a new vision of hope and possibility.You have only one body and one life .So  treat it well.

    • Making time for physical fitness-Yoga, Nature walk, Swimming, Farming,Cycling,Gym-Try to fit in more fitness in to your daily life.

    • Getting outside home to mother nature and getting happy.

    • Schedule a health check up.

    • Relax and listen to your favourite music.

    • Practice healthy eating.

    • Drink more water.

    • Detox body by fasting and natural food.

    • Practice Farming ,Gardening ,Estate Planning etc

    • Sports and Games.

    • Be more adventurous-See adventure videos

      4. The joy of Work and Wealth

      In life we strive more for creating wealth. Our profession and work create wealth. Rightfully earned and invested wealth will become our support all the time.Always find some wealth to share with other less fortunate among us and help them to accomplish their goals.

      • Write your goals for the year ahead.

      • Making broad monthly and weekly action points.

      • Making a to do list and following it up.

      • Focus on Key priorities and key result areas/milestones.

      • Worry less about money and more about your dreams.

      • Build your box of ideas-As a daily practice write down your list of ideas every day.(Use programmes like Evernote, Google Keep etc to record your ideas)

      • Enrich your vocabulary.

      • Have Daily affirmations.

      • Making work fun, nice and pleasant experience.

      • Be sincere about punctuality and commitments.

      • Saving up for some thing you really want.

      • Establish a budget.

      • Get out of debt.

      • Manage well your time.

      • Taking pride in the things you really own.

      • Live within your means.

      • Positive approach to work.

      • Gift yourself a gadget which will improve your work efficiency.

      • Skill development-Public speaking.

      • Get a Mentor

      • Become an Expert in something.

            Pep up your style –clothing and appearance to showcase the best you to the world.

      5. The Joy of Community Life and Support to Government Initiatives

      Humans are said to be social animal and we interact with others as a community. So always strive to share your time ,talent and treasure with the community for the well being of all. During my Grandfather’s time our home was always full of  guests, travellers and patients. He was a Sidha Medical Practitioner and knew many languages. People from far away places found shelter and food. People who were touched by his hospitality and treatment remembered him long after his death. He has initiated the first co-operative society in our area and was the first President of Co-operative Bank.When ever I pass through this area I eagerly watch the society building my Grandfather built and see his name written in the Stone Pillar of the building.That is a true legacy he has left for all of us. So give back to the society in a unique way which will make all your future generations proud of you and the people remember  your legacy in making world a better place.

             . Cherish  more experiences, more memories, more wisdom and more love.

      • Be a giver , not just a taker-Give your time, talent and treasure to every good cause.

      • Help Others-Unleash the angel in you.

      • Smile and make others smile-Do your bit to stand by people who need support.Every little thing helps.

      • Contribute for a cause and leave a legacy.

      • Give others your good thoughts, words and deeds.

      • Pay your taxes promptly and happily.

      • Vote in elections.

      • Help in government policy development and implementation-Give your comments and suggestions to policies ,programmes etc Eg. Smart City Project.

        6. The Joy of Travel and logging into Pristine Nature

        Travel opens up our mind and bring us  closer to nature.Be Some time with the nature . Travel to places where you can experience the warmth and vibrations of true nature. Bring nature to your surroundings. View life and  nature like a child.

        • Travel to new places , meet people and learn about their culture.

        • View Travel Videos (Sancharam/Youtube)

        • View Nature Videos (Everest climbing/Kailasam etc)

        • Appreciate Nature conservation (Eg.Vava Suresh protecting snakes)

        • Learn a new language(Duo Linguo and Google Translate)

        • The Joy of Farming.

        • Preserving Nature.

        • Beautifying  your Habitat will beautify your life-Home ,Office

          7. The Joy of Learning ,Wisdom and Mental Well being

          Passage of life is about the new thing we have learned ,new places we have visited and about new people we have met. So new experience in life is the foundation for a life well lived.So find some time for leaning and doing some thing new every day.

          • Learn a new online /mobile Course (Edx, Udemy,Udacity etc)

          • Listen to a new lecture/webinar/podcast (Ted Talks)

          • Learn something using you tube videos.

          • Learn about a new Mobile App (For overcoming the perils of demonatisation or using your mobile in Malayalam)

          • Learn a New Software (For using your desktop or laptop in Malayalam)

          • Read a New Book every week.

          • Learn a new skill every month.

          • Learn a new language.

          • Collect Quotations and adages.

          • Collect Murphy’s law.

          • Funny Quotes/incidences.

          • Write a book.

          • Go to library.

          • Learn to cook.

          • Listen to radio programmes.

          • Write for Vikaspedia, Wikipedai and similar community projects.

            8. The Joy of Planning and Organising

            In life there should be an order and discipline. In our systems we try to delete temporary files and unwanted things and de-fragment the drives for creating more space in a well arranged methodical way for effective functioning. So every week spent some time to resolve to de-clutter your living space-Office and Home , computers, laptops,mobile phones , e-mails, whatsapp and cloud storage.This will fine tune the efficiency. Similar way take care of you possessions-vehicle and fine tune them by servicing and maintaining them. Simplify every thing you come into contact.

            • Prepare a list of your goals.

            • Prepare a Yearly Scrap book with photos and diagrams of your goals.

            • Draw ,visualize and colour your dreams and action plans for your professional personal, social and other goals.

            • De-clutter the accumulated junk , your spaces , instruments and channels of communications.

            • Saying no when you really need to say no.

            9. The Joy of Pursuing your Passions , Creativity and Karma

            World is a better place because people are pursuing their passions and creating new things for the whole world. Many of them are selfless actions and results for the use of the humanity which is a true measure of progress. Human progress depends on the milestones of results produced due to passionate efforts. Every person in this world is very unique, special and different. So every person can do something for making world a better place. Every body can do something to  power and propel his ideas and give life to them.When an idea is nourished and developed society is enriched by its light and radiance. When passion is unleashed what we can achieve tomorrow will be done today.Listen to your inner voice  and deepest dreams and visualise how you can give them shape. Think and dream as big as you can

            • Give  extra time ,talent, energy ,money for making your dreams come true and for building the life you are always wanted.

            • List your childhood dreams and prepare a plan for making them happen.

            • Resolve to be your true self amidst chamaleons; Stand by who you are ,being true to yourself is a reward in itself.

            • Live each and every day to the fullest and make every day a celebration to  chisel  an extra ordinary life.

            • Pursue your hobbies.

            • Monetize your passions.

            • Start a blog/social media page for your passions.

            • Spent time ,talent and treasure to develop your passions.

            • Write Articles/News Features/Radio Lectures/and TV Programmes.

            • Use pinterest to pin common interests and hobbies.

            10. The Joy of Art/ Culture/ Drama/ Film/ Photography etc

            * Listen to Radio Programmes

            * Good Short Films

             * Film Festival

            * Film Society Activities

            * Drama

            * Cochin Biennale

            * Dance

            * Poetry Sessions (Kaviyarangu)

            * Story Telling

            * Songs/Music

            * Cultural Programmes

            11. In Pursuit of Happiness

            Every Individual is unique and his path of happiness will be different and special. What Makes you happy ? What Possessions will make you happy ? Make a list and resolve to act on this.

            • List your childhood dreams and prepare a plan to make them happen.

            • Relieve your childhood-dance in rain, lick a sweet.

            • Wreck a record.

            • Best things in Life are free – Celebrate a Penny less day –Enjoy all items which does not cost anything or cost very little.

            • Select one day to live in a fantasy world,develop your characters.

            • Doing one small act of kindness every week.

            • Giving out a random compliment each day.(You are wonderful, amazing,Your smile is nice)

            • The joy of pets and friendship with animals-Adopt a pet.

            • Try at least a new thing every week.

            • Resolve to stamp out your negative traits-Smoking,Drinking,Obesity,Excess consumption/shopping,Procrastination

            • Enjoy life more.

            • Write your diary.

            • Read some body’s diary (Ann Frank’s diary)

            • Develop your own quotations/laws

            • Find solutions for some common problems/Innovate something and register for a patent.

            • Meet a celebrity.

            • Take a class on some topic you are passionate about.

            • Give a speech

            • Study Happiness Course (Edx –Berklee University)

              12. The Joy of Giving

            • The essence of Life is giving.

            • Give Hope

            •  Do some charitable activities to help others.This is an investment for your future and create immeasurable happiness

            • Be a mentor to young people and help them to build some thing which will be your contribution to make world a better place.

            Festivals may come and go, people will come and go from our life , new year’s eve and new year morning sunshine  will come and go, you will make resolutions and you will break resolutions, some of yours to do list will be ticked off  and others will remain for the new year .

            Wishing you all a very Happy New Year full of joy, good health, abundant wealth and happiness. May all your dreams and aspirations come true in 2018.

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